Simple Steps to Find your First Barista Job

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Finding your first love, first job or the other sock could be much difficult and confusing. You walk in the coffee industry, all suited up and proudly carrying your certificates that you were entitled after successfully attending Barista Training Classes in Houston. But hang on; this isn’t enough for you to qualify for your first barista job in today’s drenched café marketplace.

There is a fierce competition out there. Since baristas are considered as highly valued members of the café team, the job posting often comes with the requirement of at least 1 year experience. In such scenario, how can one go about finding barista job with little or no experience at all?

Here are four incredible ways to get you started,

  • Dump the old thoughts and ideas running through your mind. Think of introducing something that’s absolutely brand new and innovative enough to turn heads. It’s the time to put those newly found barista skills to work before someone else does. Apply for job openings in a café with a goal to move on to the coffee machine. We know that being a dish washer or cashier isn’t something glamorous and worth being, but you would be surprised to know that a lot of professional baristas started off their career this way.
  • Surf the web for discovering the latest job openings in cafes and restaurant industry. There are dedicated websites like Barista Seeker which list the current job openings in cafes and eateries, make use of it and find the right café for you to work in. You can also look up for getting involved in a coffee business that is all geared up to welcome you. A certificate may help you get your foot in the coffee industry, but only the right attitude will secure your job.
  • Well, the bitter truth is that you may not find work in an independent and popular specialty coffee shop right away. But losing hope shouldn’t be your thing, you can consider working for a coffee chain like Hudsons or Gloria Jeans where you can build and polish your technical skills base in the first place. Once you gather enough experience and skills, you can definitely switch to a better position.
  • Don’t sit idle and keep learning and growing. The coffee industry is evolving faster than before as new technologies are being launched. Get to know the new techniques of brewing coffee and implement them after proper training. Coffee training and barista courses are not once-in-a-lifetime thing; you need to stay updated and level ahead in pursuit of excellence.


We wish you success and good luck for being on coffee-licious path!

Coffee Machines versus Espresso Machines

coffeeBefore you decide on which machine you want, you should know the differences between a regular coffeemaker and an espresso machine.  The main difference is the amount of pressure that is needed to make the coffee.  The process by which the coffee is made is different with each machine.  Coffeemakers use more of a drip method, while espresso machines can be steam-driven or automatic, and use freshly ground beans.

Espresso machines are more costly than your standard coffeemaker.  Some are relatively simple and require only little maintenance, while others can be very complex.  There are two types of espresso machines: steam-driven and pump-driven.  A steam-driven machine uses steam pressure to force the water through, while a pump-driven machine uses an electric pump.

Coffeemakers come in a variety of different models such as the drip coffee machines, the French press, and single serve coffeemakers.  The drip coffee machine is the most common, as well as one of the most affordable.  French presses require manual operation.  The grounds are manually pushed to the bottom through a fine mesh, and then the coffee is poured.  Single serve coffeemakers brew only a single cup of coffee at a time.  These are most convenient for filling travel mugs on your way out the door in the morning.

The biggest deciding factor, other than cost, would be to determine how much time you can allocate while using the machine.  Espresso machines brew more quickly due to the finely ground coffee beans.  A coffeemaker brews for a longer amount of time because it is not espresso, it is brewing a simple pot of coffee.  Maintenance and cleaning time is an important consideration as well.  Your standard coffeemaker takes little to no extra time to clean, while an espresso machine and all of its complex parts, could take twice the amount of time to clean, sanitize, and maintain.

Your choice will come down to the budget you have, the time you have, and the experience you have.  If you just want a simple and straight forward cup of coffee in the morning, a standard coffeemaker would prove to be the better option for you.  However, if you have a little extra time and energy and want something a little more complex, than an espresso machine could prove to provide a tasty early morning treat.

Steps to Make Espresso

  1. Find the roast you will like best. Medium roast? Dark roast?
  2. Ground the coffee beans into a fine powder
  3. Add the appropriate amount of purified water and be sure it gets up to a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Make sure you use the proper amount of your freshly ground coffee
  5. Pack the grinds in using a tamper. You need to achieve the right amount of pressure, otherwise it could end up taking too long to brew.  The crema will appear on the surface when it is finished.
  6. Finally….Enjoy!

Barista Training in Houston

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If you are looking for a challenging job in the customer service industry and have a love for all things caffeinated, a barista training class in Houston might be right for you. You will learn how to operate and maintain the machines, gain fundamental skills, learn recipes, and master the perfect coffee order. You will also learn the day-to-day operations that are involved in running a successful coffee shop.

Baristas are in charge of preparing beverages, as well as cleaning and sanitizing the various machines and the workplace. Baristas should also have a working knowledge of all the different recipes available on the menu. They need to be prepared to answer any questions a customer might have about the ingredients or preparation, they will also be in a better position to offer suggestions for those that are unsure of what they want.

Best Barista Training Classes in Houston

In the beginning phases of training, it might seem quite overwhelming. The key to overcoming this is to learn to relax. It will all come to you naturally soon enough. Give yourself time to learn all of the recipes and don’t rush through each order. Take your time and make sure it is done right the first time. If you make mistakes, take it as a learning experience and avoid those same mistakes again in the future. Smile and enjoy what you are doing. You are going through the same missteps and mishaps as your fellow baristas once had. They are there to help you through the process.

Like in any customer driven service industry, you need to learn to not take bad remarks or judgment from a customer personally. Your customer might be having an especially bad day and you just happen to be the first person to person interaction they have come across so far in their day. Just smile and let it go. Once they hit the door, coffee in hand, their mood is likely to improve tenfold. Consider it a public service. By helping a cranky customer and dealing with the backlash yourself, you are saving the fight from reaching someone else.


If you are a Houston resident that is considering a career as a barista, or even thoughts of starting your own coffee business, there are schools available that offer crash courses. Residents are able to attend the 3-Day Coffee Business and Barista Training Class. This class can lead students into a successful career in the coffee industry and provide much needed experience and value.

Being able to make a great cup of coffee is an extremely marketable skill. Coffee seems to be in constant demand these days and you can find a coffee shop on almost every corner now. Barista training is an invaluable tool that will skyrocket you to success once you have mastered the fine art of coffee making.