The world has not experienced a unique and rapid of ecstasy since the 1970s. This drug is a very commonly used in clubs and parties. This drug is known for giving users intense euphoria and it’s not a new drug in the United States particularly among street youths. Parents are advised to get testing kits for this drug known as MDMA testing kit; it is available in health stores and also online retail stores.

MDMA was patented in 1913 by a German chemical company called Merck. The company later stopped marketing the drug. The MDA also banned the drug in 1985 and declared it an illegal drug throughout the United States. The drug is taken in capsules or tablets and it gives the user a rapid sense of compassion and happy feeling. MDMA side effects include; severe exhaustion and dehydration, increased heart rate and blood pressure, dilated pupils, headache.

MDMA makes large amount of serotonin to be released into the body system especially the brain making the user to feel artificial feelings of wellbeing and compassion. Youths that abuse this drug might also take the next step into taking cocaine. Youths are strongly advised to get tested to know the amount of damage these drugs might have caused in their body system. Cocaine testing kit can also be gotten in health stores, it should be used to test the urine and the result is accurate and precise.

The price of MDMA pills also known as molly on the street is from $15 to $50 each and it makes millions of sales even with the fact that it is an illegal drug. It is time for the users of this drug to stop using it because of its dangerous consequences. It is time for parents and guardians to declare war against the use of ecstasy for the better future of our kids. Young people should be made aware of the truth about MDMA. It is a deadly drug that destroys the system of a body causing permanent disabilities and death.

Drug testing kits such as MDMA testing kit and cocaine testing kit can be gotten and used in homes to test the positivity or negativity of molly and cocaine in the body systems of our able youths. Parents and guardians should look out for the signs and symptoms of these drugs and get help when needed.